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Zomg, uwog has fork()ed!

Originally posted at Sun 03-06-2012 22:56:42, in the personal category.

Oh. My. God. I knew it was going to happen some time soon, but now that it has, I'm still surprised and in utter shock. Uwog, in regular life known as Marc "I don't want babies" Maurer, has fork()ed. Spawned. "Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V"-ed. He has become a father to a beautiful baby girl: Amélie Maurer. It is absolutely a miracle to hear him call himself "daddy". "Daddy will get a bottle", "Daddy loves you!". It's been 4 hours since I first saw her, and I'm still not sure I'm not dreaming.

He blogged about it himself. Oh, and ofcourse some pics as evidence ;-)

-- Foddex

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