A coder's home for Marc "Foddex" Oude Kotte, who used to be located in Enschede, The Netherlands, but now in Stockholm, Sweden!

Welcome to foddex.net!

Welcome to the all new foddex.net! After a few years of trying various designs, eventually it turned out that all it took was a holiday to Austria with a snowed-in monday evening filled with sheer boredness, to finally produce this new design. Hope you enjoy it, let me know! ;)

Note to non-Firefox users: I consider Firefox the only real webbrowser out there, and since I developed this website using a Linux laptop thus having access only to Firefox, any browser that is not Firefox 3.6 or higher might show this site seriously distorted. If you're a victim of this horrible (*cough*) crime and unwilling to switch to Firefox (*booh*), please let me know and I'll attempt to fix it ;-)

- Mårc aka Føddex