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My concerts [upd. Jan 2017]

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Today in the "My..." series not cars, motorcycles or traffic fines, but concerts I've been to :) Going to a concert tonight, and decided to keep a list of everything I've been to here :)
# Band Date Location Support Type Went with Notes
2005 2 concerts
1 Graspop Metal Meeting, various bands (Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, etc.) June 2005 Belgium n/a Festival Paul First concert ever, went for Dream Theater exclusively
2 Dream Theater 11-10-2005 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam none Concert Paul It was amazing...
2006 1 concert
3 Opgezwolle 2006 Den Haag don't recall Concert Khaeon colleagues Not really my cup of tea, but fun nonetheless
2010 3 concerts
4 Anthrax 03-08-2010 Metropool, Hengelo Panic Cell, one more Concert Annet Eh, is it wrong that I enjoyed Panic Cell more than Anthrax?
5 Re-Vamp 03-09-2010 Hedon, Zwolle Insomnia, very bad Concert Annet New band of former After Forever singer Floor Jansen
6 Delain 29-10-2010 Tivoli, Utrecht Stream of Passion Concert Annet + Arjo There was one more support band (Kingfishersky), but we arrived too late and missed them...
2011 5 concerts
7 Threshold 07-07-2011 De Pul, Uden English metal band, pretty good! :) Concert Annet SymfoRock/Progressive metal, really looking forward to this! And with good reason! ZOMG these guys are freaking awesome!!!!
8 Dream Theater, Soulfly 31-07-2011 Lokeren, Belgium - One day at festival Annet DT was awesome as always, Soulfly was faassstt!
9 As I Lay Dying 19-08-2011 Bussloo, Apeldoorn - Xnoizz festival Annet AWESOMMMMEEEE!!! :D
10 Amon Amarth 22-10-2011 Metropool, Hengelo As I Lay Dying!! Concert Annet
11 Dark Tranquility 13-11-2011 Metropool, Hengelo - Mini-festival Annet Also saw Varg, Mercenary, Eluveitie
2012 9 concerts
12 Amorphis 15-01-2012 Metropool, Hengelo The Man-Eating Tree, Leprous Concert Annet Amorphis was awesome! Man these guys know how to entertain a crowd. They even played "No limit" by 2 Unlimited :D
13 The Answer 29-01-2012 Hedon, Zwolle - Concert Annet, Rene Pretty cool :)
Threshold 13-04-2012 Hedon, Zwolle Concert Annet Cancelled by Threshold :'(
14 Judas Priest 24-05-2012 Kerkrade - Concert Annet
15 Soulfly 18-06-2012 Metropool, Hengelo - Concert Annet AWESOME!!!
16 Graspop Metal Meeting {22,23,24}-06-2012 Belgium - Festival Annet
17 Sabaton 09-09-2012 013, Tilburg Eluveitie, Wisdom Concert Annet So awesome!! Sabaton really knows how to put on a great show! :D
18 Levellers 19-10-2012 Metropool, Hengelo - Concert Annet Awesome, bit short though. Violin player was freaking good!!
19 Trivium, As I Lay Dying 25-10-2012 013, Tilburg - Concert Annet + Arjo
20 Opeth, Meshuggah, Fear Factory 09-12-2012 Distortionfest, Eindhoven - One day festival Annet Awesome! Meshuggah was brute, Opeth started soft but finished brilliantly. Awesome performances!
2013 7 concerts
Threshold 02-03-2013 Lakei, Helmond - Concert Annet I had pneumonia... :/
21 Neal Morse 06-03-2013 Boerderij, Zoetermeer - Concert Annet Absolutely incredible!
22 Soulfly 23-06-2013 Bastard Club, Osnabruck - Concert Annet Cool small club in Osna, Soulfly was awesome as always!
23 Kingcrow 31-08-2013 De Pul, Uden Spheric Universe Experience Concert Annet Italian progrock/metal, fucking awesome, "I'ma not lying-e!"
24 Children of Bodom 20-10-2013 013, Tilburg - Concert Annet
25 The Answer 30-10-2013 Metropool, Hengelo - Concert Annet, Rene
26 Dark Tranquility 10-11-2013 013, Tilburg - Concert Annet, Paul
27 Amorphis 29-11-2013 De Pul, Uden - Concert Annet
2014 6 concerts
28 Dream Theater 17-02-2014 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - Concert Annet, Paul, Jessica A lot of relatively unknown songs (for some people...) but I thought they were amzing as always!
29 Presidents of the USA 20-02-2014 Tivoli, Utrecht - Concert Annet Happiest concert I've even been to :')
30 Phil Anselmo and The Illegals 25-06-2014 Debaser Medis, Stockholm - Concert Vincent + Pavel Pantera stuff was cool!
31 Opeth 15-11-2014 Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm - Concert Vincent + King colleagues Opeth was awesome as always!
32 Cruficied Barbera 28-11-2014 Kägelbanan, Stockholm - Concert Vincent
33 Seventribe 17-12-2014 Pub Anchor, Stockholm - Concert Vincent, Alex Walk into a pub, unexpectedly see a cool band... nice night!
2015 5 concerts
34 Slipknot 11-02-2015 Hovet, Stockholm King 810 Concert Vincent (sick) First concert by myself ever (Vincent was sick). Slipknot is awesome live!!
35 Ensiferum 31-03-2015 Göta Källare, Stockholm Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum Concert Alex, Vincent Moshpit full of small Swedes was fun :D
36 Gojira 18-06-2015 Gröna Lund, Stockholm - Concert Vincent -
37 Eluveitie 01-12-2015 Debaser, Stockholm - Concert Vincent, Adam -
38 Judas Priest 05-12-2015 Globen, Stockholm - Concert Angelina -
2016 1 concert
39 Blind Guardian 09-12-2016 Lucky, Rijssen - Concert Vincent, Pavel -
2017 3 concerts
40 Meshuggah 25-02-2017 Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm - Concert Vincent -
41 Mastodon 19-11-2017 Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm - Concert Pavel -
42 Sólstafir 20-12-2017 Debaser Strand, Stockholm - Concert Pavel, Vincent -
Future concerts:

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