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Ever been to China..?

Originally posted at Wed 23-10-2013 19:49:51, in the nerd stuff category.

Have you ever been to China as a Dutchman, trying to learn Chinese by reading an English book written by an Italian who only finished primary school?

I have.

Well, metaphorically speaking, that is. A week ago I started developing my very first app for iPads. I bought an iMac, installed Xcode, and went to work. But since I never worked with any Apple computer before (not counting iPads), I must say that ab-so-lute-ly everything is done in a different way than I'd expect. It's hell. I've been working extensively with my iMac for +/- 60 hours now, and I still struggle to get used to OSX's interface.

And I'm not having any more luck trying to figure out Xcode, Objective C and Apple's many libraries (Framework, Cocoa, CoreData, MapKit, the works) either. Everything's done in a completely different way than I find logical or natural...

But, I'm a professional, I just keep reading tutorials, reading books, reading stackoverflow.com (can't live without that site now!), and eventually I'll get there. But I really feel like a Dutchman in China trying to learn Chinese by reading an English book written by an Italian.... ^_^

-- Foddex

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