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SHOCKING: Professional Windows Hater Exposed

Originally posted at Mon 21-03-2011 21:29:09, in the nerd stuff category.

It's been a while since I last revealed SHOCKING news on this site. Actually, it's like, NEVER. However, today is DIFFERENT. Today I walked into uwog's office at work, and was BAFFLED. Yes, this ostensible Windows hating ZEALOT (since 1995!) turned out to be a Microsoft Minded Moron AFTER ALL!! The below photo is the SHOCKING evidence... It's his laptop, locked into... yes, WINDOWS (Server 2008 if I recall correctly, I was too SHOCKED to remember).... It's a sad day for Tux lovers all around the globe... :'(

Click for a LARGER image of this SHOCKING image...

-- Foddex

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On Mon 21-03-2011 21:51 uwog wrote: I had to rdesktop into a machine from a client... I'm innocent, I swear!
On Mon 21-03-2011 21:53 foddex wrote: I don't believe you. You even left the Windows sticker on the bottom right of your laptop. Admit it, you kiss it goodnight don't ya!!
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