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First day in Sweden :-D

Originally posted at Sat 01-03-2014 15:27:28, in the personal category.

Right, so I was supposed to fly to Sweden, somehow get to my temporary apartment, unpack, and that would be it.

In theory ^^

I arrived in Stockholm at 10:00 sharp (thank you KLM!). I originally had intended to take a taxi to my apartment, but thought, no no don't be a chicken, figure out the train stuff and save some cash. So I did: I took the Arlanda Express, and arrived at Stockholm Central Station around 11:00. I knew my apartment wouldn't be available until 13:00, so I killed some time in the station buying a prepaid SIM card for my phone, and using the public WiFi to whatsapp with friends :-) When it was 12:45 I took a taxi to my apartment and arrived 13:00 sharp. So far so good!

I got the central door code in the mail, it worked. I entered the building, looked up my apartment and checked the door: it was SUPPOSED to be unlocked with the key inside, so I could simply enter it without anybody's help. In theory because... ofcourse it was locked ^^ So I called the company who set all of this up (which were hired by my new employer) and notified them that I couldn't enter the apartment. A nice lady told me she would contact the landlord and would get back to me.

For 15 minutes I waited, and then: the phone rang. "I cannot get the landlady (not lord ^^) on the phone, I will keep trying."

For 15 more minutes I waited, and then: the phone rang again. "I cannot get her on the line, I booked a hotel for you, I'm coming to pick you up." Great! So I walk outside in eager anticipation of being picked up to finally get into a warm room. The fact that it wouldn't yet be my temp apartment didn't bother me much at this point.

For 5 minutes I waited, and then: the phone rang. "The landlady phoned back, there was a mixup with the cleaning company, they are coming your way!". Aight, no biggy, so another change of plans but I would be getting into my apartment after all!

For 5 minutes I waited, and then: the phone rang... once again. "It will take the cleaning company about an hour to get there, so please go and do something for yourself, have a glass of wine!" :D I considered that awesome advice, I knew of only one place nearby because I had been there in December when I applied for a job. So I went there, had chips and beer, stayed for a little over an hour, and then went back to the apartment where... nobody had yet arrived :-/

So for 5 minutes I waited, and then: victory! A small van stopped in front of the building, two people came out and OH YEAH they were there for me. So the guy walks up to me, lets me into the apartment, and simply says: "So, yeah, it was a mixup. I'm so sorry, but we still need to do the cleaning! Can you wait another hour?"

My facial expression must have scared him a little, because in 0.1 secs he came up with an alternative solution: they would change the bed sheets and clean the bathroom in +/- 10 minutes while I could wait inside the apartment, and they will come back this monday to do the rest...!! So yeah, that was finally taken care of.

It was now 15:30, and I was happy that the cleaners were gone, and I finally had the apartment for myself. Woohoo! Let's setup the promised WiFi! So I checked the letter I received, read it, saw the WiFi network name and password and checked my phone: no such network name available. About 50 others, ofcourse, but not the one from the letter. Luckily the landlady had texted me right before the cleaners arrived, so I had her number. I texted her about the problem, and she simply said "check the wifi router in the apartment". I looked all over the place: no wifi router... wtf? Finally I realized there was one spot I hadn't checked: under the bed! And oh yes, that's where it was! But to my surprise it was on, and lights were flashing on it and everything. In other words: I was supposed to see that network! So I checked the router: it had a different network name than the one I was told in the letter....... :D:D

So, now as I'm writing this, almost 3,5 hours later than expected, I'm inside my temp apartment with working WiFi and it's even cleaned!! :D

Click here for pictures of my new mega apartment!

-- Foddex

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On Sat 01-03-2014 21:21 uwog wrote: Victory!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone. Have tons of fun over there!
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