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Happy 2006 and Keyboards

Originally posted at Sun 01-01-2006 16:54:33, in the nerd stuff category.
Happy new years everyone! I hope that 2006 will be a good year for us all :-)

Alright, back to nerdy business. I recently received my new Logitech G15 keyboard! :-) It's a very nerdy piece of hardware geared towards gamers: it has an LCD display that can be used to display the amount of bullets you have in your current game, that is, if the game you play \"supports the keyboard\". I use the words 'can be used' on purpose, as I intend to get my hands on the API and code some extra nerdy stuff for it! It would be very nice to have CPU/memory usage displayed on your keyboard, now wouldn't it? :)

Unfortunately, I haven't REALLY received it yet :-/ Went to visit my parents during Christmas and New Years Eve, and the keyboard got delivered at Khaeon. So tomorrow evening I can use it for the first time! I hope it ships with a C library + headers so I can write my own stuff for the keyboard right away. If it doesn't, I'm definitely going to mail Logitech :-D

-- Foddex

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