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Cool C++ project [update]

Originally posted at Wed 05-10-2005 23:39:16, in the c++ category.
For the last few weeks I've been working on this nice C++ based object serialization library. After working with Epic's Core library - which contains such as system as well - I really felt it was a cool side project to do from scratch after work. It's full of templates, uses STL a lot and was extremely fun to write. It also has a Garbage Collector - a side project I also wanted to do some day - which can be used to destroy all unreferenced base class derived objects.

It uses this fun streaming method I learned from Epic's code (credits to Tim Sweeney), which integrates reading, writing and garbage collecting into one single method (for deriving classes, that is). The reference checker (on which the Garbage Collector is based), the Package system and the fact that it uses STL a lot makes it a very useful library, and also quite different from Epic's system.

As a big fan of everything that is not Microsoft, I've also assured the system works on Linux besides Windows. I haven't tested it (I don't have the means to do so yet), but I have no reason to assume it won't work on Unix, Mac or any other operating system without too much problems.

I didn't find a cool name for it yet, so it's still sitting in a very unoriginal ObjSys directory on my hard drive ;) However, I feel it might be useful for others, so I'm thinking about releasing it under the LGPL on SourceForge, but I won't do that unless I think it's finished enough. I will not release it under the GPL as that would make it practically unusable for companies. At Khaeon we use a lot of LGPL libraries - for which we are very grateful - and so this is my personal way of doing something back for the OSS community :)

YAY! I registered with SF and created the first release! Download objsys 0.7.0 here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/objsys/.

-- Foddex

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