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CHANGELOG.2012 [upd. Feb 2012]

Originally posted at Sun 01-01-2012 13:52:47, last modified at Thu 09-02-2012 22:59:02, in the personal category.
In 2012 a number of things will have changed for me from day 1.

First of all, my sabbatical is over.... :'( After spending 5 months living without a job - which I loved - my savings are gone and I just *have* to get to work again. But I don't mind. Although doing nothing was fun, I actually am looking forward to working regularly once more. I won't be working at Better.be anymore though. I'm going to work part time (3 days a week) at ActiveXperts in Hengelo, working on C++ Windows software.(Cancel this, didn't work out) Furthermore, 2 days a week I'll spend working for my own company.

Another change is in the area of motorbikes! My Ducati's gone, making room for the MT-01. But that was sooo last year ;) I also bought a motorbike again for racing on tracks! I got my hands on a Honda CBR600F2 from 1993. I'm currently in the process of converting it from a streetbike to a racing bike, removing anything not required on the track, to make the bike lighter. Can't wait to try out the bike on the Assen TT track in April this year!

The last change is one that's still settling in, but which isn't quite there yet. For the last 3 months or so I've been doing a workout routine at home, three times a week, just 30 minutes or so. I hope I'll be able to keep it up. I haven't done any real sport-related activities in almost 15 years. I really need to keep this up :-) Keep your fingers crossed for me please ;-)

-- Foddex

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