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Meet Sauron!

Originally posted at Tue 04-05-2010 21:39:27, in the personal category.
After giving up Sam to the animal shelter, Mila changed. In a positive manner, as she became easier with strangers and seeking more attention by herself, which was nice too see (before she was always extremely secluded). There was however also a negative change: she seemed depressed. No matter how much attention I gave her, she always seemed unhappy. Over the months that passed this didn't change. Since I want her to be happy, I decided to get a second cat again!

So today, I adopted a 10 month old tomcat from the shelter! He's completely white, very, very sweet and happy, and apparently good with other animals. From what I've seen so far he indeed is sweet to Mila, but Mila seems unappreciative: she keeps hissing at him :D Well, that was to be expected ofcourse ;-)

So, without further ado, meet Sauron! Video here. The music in the video is fitting: you can pet him all you want, he's never satisified ^^

-- Foddex

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