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SVN: changing a commit message

Originally posted at Fri 23-04-2010 09:53:30, in the c++ category.

Oops. You hit Enter too soon: and now you're stuck with a wrong subversion commit message. Sounds familiar? If you're frequently working with Subversion, it probably does. But there's a solution, which works only if you have administrator privileges to the subversion repository!

Two very simple steps:

  • step 1: put the new message into a file (yes, it has to be a file), so for example:
    echo 'Fixed bug 16: render bug' > ~/newlog
  • step 2: execute the svnadmin command to set a new log message for a specific revision:
    svnadmin setlog . -r 5339 ~/newlog --bypass-hooks
    Where . is the base path (so not url!) for the repository you're changing, i.e. the directory that contains the db/, dav/, conf/ , hooks/, etc. directories. Note that the --bypass-hooks option is mandatory!

That's it!

Source: SVN faq.

-- Foddex

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