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My name is John Parker Hammond...

Originally posted at Mon 05-09-2005 22:48:12, in the gaming category.


Half-Life 2 (2)

It's the single most important concept of gaming. I don't know why, but as great as Half-Life 2 is, I could never immerse in it as much as I could in Half-Life 1. I can't really explain why some games really make me feel as if I'm part of the world, and others don't. As I've already mentioned in the 'Favorites' section, Undying and Aliens vs. Predator 2 are games that I could really immerse in. But there is one more. A game I haven't been able to play for a long while due to all kinds of weird crashes, but this evening somehow it decided to work again. A game despised by many, loved by few. But I'm one of those few.

Trespasser. I love the game. People who know me know this to be really true. Whenever I hear the intro of the game, my gaming senses go completely wild... My name is John Parker Hammond. I was born on March 14th 1928. What follows is a record of certain events in which I took part between the years 1980 and 1997, on an island I will call Site B. Site B was not to be a theme park but a research station. This is where we did the real work. There is much to say about this game, most of it negative, and a lot of it is probably true. But I love it. Wandering around in a world that has not many borders (just ugly graphics for these days, but hey, who cares), I really love it. Whenever Mr. Hammond starts recalling memories from his dealings on Site B, I shiver. I love this game. Total, utter, immersion. Wow :)

-- Foddex

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