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Bye Bye Sam... :( -- Happy update!

Originally posted at Thu 03-12-2009 21:15:05, last modified at Wed 06-01-2010 23:53:01, in the personal category.
Today I gave Sam, one of my two cats, up to the local animal shelter. It just wasn't working anymore: according to the vet it were the effects of my stress due to my breakup with Manon that weighted too heavily on him. And that, in turn, caused way too much stress to handle for me right now. The poor cat was peeing everywhere in the house, and meowing all night long as loud as he could, even with plenty of food available. The result of all of this was that I just wasn't happy anymore with him, and he probably no longer with me. So the best thing to do was to end the situation by putting him in an animal shelter: there at least there will be less stress for him (once he gets used to his new environment). I hope a nice family will give him a good home soon. And I also hope this will make my life a little easier as well. I must say at the very last moment, right before I signed the documents, I hesitated for a moment. I was actually shaking like a leaf when I did sign eventually. So much loving memories...

Bye bye Sam....


I called the animal shelter today. Turns out Sam already has a new home! This is a great way to start 2010, I'm so happy! He only had to spent 25 days in the shelter, before he was picked up by a new family. I'm loving this!

-- Foddex

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