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Mila is missing BACK!!!! [updated]

Originally posted at Tue 18-08-2009 19:57:53, last modified at Sun 06-09-2009 09:56:29, in the personal category.
I'm quite stressed out right now. One of two my beloved cats, Mila, is missing! About two months ago, I decided to let Sam - my other cat - out of the house every now and then, in an attempt to stop it from peeing and hurling everywhere in the house. Sam seemed to be having a great time outside, and Mila didn't seem to feel the need to go out of the house too. In the beginning I watched her closely, but she never made an attempt to leave the house. However, last wednesday, August 12th, I forgot to close a window and when I came down late in the evening to close it, I saw Mila and Sam leaving my garden together. I thought they would come back the following morning, as Sam always does, but Thursday morning, it was indeed only Sam who had returned! I haven't seen Mila in almost a week now :( She's a very timid, scared cat and I hope she's alright.
Already filed a missing animal report with the local animal shelter, hoping that if she turns up there I'll get a call. But there's more bad news. Mila (like Sam) has a microchip implanted in her skin for easy identification purposes. But I've learned today that I shouldn't be so sure it'll help me in anyway!! It seems that there are a lot of companies producing these chips, and the nice lady of the animal shelter said that these days, they need more than ten different scanners/readers to be able to handle all different types of chips!!!

:'( Mila please come back!

UPDATE: 05-09-2009 16:52
I spotted Mila in my backyard today! Sam was also outside and they "met" as if they hadn't been apart for 3,5 weeks... maybe it's not the first time she's been back and Sam has been playing with her outside for a while now :-D I don't know, but I was absolutely thrilled to see her again! She looked just fine and very well fed! Unfortunately, my instinctive response was to rush to the backdoor to let her in, which .... scared her and she ran off. Next time she's back I'll be prepared and will try to respond a little more calmly... ^_^

UPDATE: 06-09-2009 9:52
She's back!! :-)) Mila was in my backyard again when I woke up this morning, and this time using the oldest trick in the book - food - I was able to lure her back into the house ^_^ She's a little wilder than before, and this time seems to actually fight for her food, but that's terrific! I'm sure that with a lot of gentle handling I can get her to ease down again. So happy!!

-- Foddex

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