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Originally posted at Tue 28-07-2009 21:49:36, in the gaming industry category.


I recently realized that I had missed out on a revolutionary video game development about two years back: Portal, the game by Valve Software. I never bought the Orange Box, so I never got it on Steam.

I decided the game was most likely worth both my money and my time, and entered my Visa card details. Not much later the game was finished downloading and I anxiously started the game.

The Good

The game loaded way quicker than Half-Life 2, which surprised me pleasantly. In under a few seconds the first map loaded and I started playing and I must say I was stunned. The graphics weren't that awesome, but graphics really don't make or break a game anyway. It was the gameplay that got me going after the first three maps. The portal concept was implemented so smoothly and perfectly, that my brain actually seemed to have decided at one point that it was completely normal to drop boxes through portals, walk into them and then having to turn to readjust to the new forward axis and just in general it... just...worked!

I was afraid the gameplay would be kinda dull, but the humour in the AI that walks you through the 19 tests is just to freaking funny. I mean, who came up with brilliant stuff like "Momentum in layman's terms: speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out." and "You [enter test subject name here] must be the pride of [enter test subject hometown here]".

The 19 tests gradually become harder and harder, but they are doable at all times. Only once did I search youtube for instructions, but simply because I was impatient. The scenes with the military guns are fun, and every time you have to (or better can, if you like) disable them in different ways. Fun thing is that they tried to make them appear more human, more loveable. And it worked in a funny way. I mean, what turrent says "Hey, ouch, put me down" when you pick it up? :-D

The Bad

There's only one thing really, really bad about Portal... it's 14.99 euro when you buy it separately from the Orange Box. That's just a plain rip off! I finished the game in under 2 hours, and paying 14.99 euro is just too freaking much!

Thanks for reading :)

-- Foddex

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