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Renovating the bathroom - FINISHED!!

Originally posted at Fri 03-07-2009 10:06:10, last modified at Tue 17-11-2009 23:33:16, in the personal category.


I've decided to renovate my bathroom. Mold and low-quality bathroom furniture motivated my decision. In this entry I'll dump some photos of the progress!

03-07-2009 - Removing the mold

Shocking footage. This is what you get when you remove home made wooden bathroom furniture. It almost reached the ground, so we were never able to cleanup under it or behind it... all that rests us now is to cleanup this crap... can't wait... :-/

Click the image for a larger picture.


12-09-2009 - Removing wall and floor tiles

Last friday the company that's going to install my new bathroom called. "You know we're coming this Monday, right?" A funny conversation followed. "Oh really?" "Yeah, next week is week 38, the week we agreed on, didn't we?" "Oh shit, is it week 38 already? Ehh okay, ofcourse, I've got everything ready". "You knew we were coming right?" "Ofcourse, ofcourse, don't worry..." Ofcourse, I kinda didn't know they were coming and had nothing prepared ;) I cancelled all plans for today and started work on removing the wall and floor tiles as agreed upon. I decided to do this relatively easy task to lower the overall install costs. It was a lot of work, but it's done with the help of my friends uwog and Sick :-) Some pictures on the right, again click them for larger versions.

14-09-2009 - Day 1

Nothing much to report, two workmen have been here to do plumbing! Pictures below.

17-10-2009 - Waiting...

The store I ordered the bathroom, Brugman Keukens & Badkamers, has made mistake after mistake... I ordered all of this stuff in week 27. Their first promise was they'd deliver in work 32, but that didn't happen, as I had to find out when they actually didn't deliver when promised, got no notifications from the store... Then, everything would be delivered in week 38 (the week from Day 1, above). Again, I had to find out myself they weren't coming, much to the dismay of the people I hired to install it. Now, finally, I have written confirmation that on Monday the 26th of October, they'll finally be delivering my order as promised for weeeeeeeks. I even got a 10+% discount for the long wait. They should be happy I'm too lazy to sue. Anyways, can't wait for the 27th, because that's when they'll finally continue installing my new bathroom! Yay!

28-10-2009 - Day 2 & 3

Yes, finally, some progress! The store finally delivered the floor and wall tiles. My waiting has finally payed off... sort of. Because, ofcourse, something has to go wrong. The tiler started working yesterday, but this morning he informed me that he wasn't going to be able to do it in two days (as originally estimated by the company I hired to do the renovation). He can't be back before Tuesday due to some other job he has. Pretty sucky. Plus, the salesman at Brugman - where I bought the tiles - made a calculation error. I'm in need of 2 m2 of one specific color of tiles (the one that's most expensive and hardest to get, obviously). So it's probably not even important that the tiler can't make it back before Tuesday, as I won't have new tiles any time soon anyway....... I'm starting to hate this new bathroom (although I still love the design!)

17-11-2009 - Days 4 - 6, finished

Okay, it took a while, but finally, finally, finally, the bathroom's finished! Ofcourse some minor parts are still missing in the bathroom furniture (thank you f*cking Brugman!!), making one of the sinks useless. But in a few days that should be taken care of. In the meantime, if you're interested in the final result, view the following video: video

-- Foddex

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