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Normandy, 6-6-44

Originally posted at Wed 03-08-2005 23:25:52, in the personal category.
Over the past few months people have been complaining they wanted other news than a list of speeding tickets. So I'll write a little different news item this time.

Two weeks ago (Sat July 23rd - Tue July 26th) I've been to Normandy for a short vacation. Went there with a friend (and Khaeon colleague, Paul), to check out the various World War II sites (we originally had planned a holiday for two weeks mid-August, but since work is so extremely demanding, we decided to go only four days).

I was quite impressed with everything I've seen. What follows may sound extremely cheesy, but I really mean what I write and it really did make me rethink certain stuff going on in my life. I've been taking things for granted that I shouldn't. Standing on Omaha beach, realizing that right there on that spot 61 years ago, a bunch of poor dudes had to run up a beach in a country they never saw before, to defeat an enemy they never fought before, sacrificing their lives for your and my freedom... really made me aware of the luxuries that I have: freedom and peace. Sure, there are still a lot of wars going on, but my part of Europe has been war-free for decades. I've never been in a war. I've never had to kill another human being.

Ofcourse I've read a lot about WWII, and watched tons of documentaries and movies about the war, but it came really close to me in Normandy. I wouldn't say going there was a life-changing event, but more than ever I realized the debts we owe to the brave souls who fought for our freedom in WWII. I just want to convey my respect and gratitude.

Additionally, we've visited a German cemetery, which was impressive as well. In war suffering occurs on both sides. The various \"Zwei Deutchse Soldaten\" marked graves depict this in a way that doesn't need further explanation.

Take a look at the photos I took there.

-- Foddex

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