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Italy here I come! [updated]

Originally posted at Fri 27-02-2009 23:50:51, in the personal category.
After hearing about the rough spot I've hit lately in my private life, my dear friend Burn (who I got to work for Spellborn for 1,5 years) from Italy kindly offered me to come and visit him. I gladly accepted his offer, so I'll be away from Sunday the 1st of March until Sunday the 8th! I haven't been to Italy for a while, and never been to Toscane before, so I'm really looking forward to it. I hope it'll relieve me at least a little bit from this depressed state (eufemism...) I've been in lately.

It's going to be 1500 km of driving my car (too bad the weather is too cold for my motorbike), should be fun with a lot of Soulfly and Herman Finkers playing on the radio. And when I arrive, it'll be 7 days of full-fledged nerding I suppose. Luca wants to learn C++ and I want to abuse his xbox/playstation, so it should keep my mind of things...


-- Foddex

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