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Poor cat - Part III

Originally posted at Fri 20-02-2009 16:05:33, in the personal category.
I just got back with Sam from the veterinarian. He's mighty pissed off at everything and everyone around him. But he hates nothing more than the cone he has to wear around his head (in order to stop him from tearing open the wound). He's constantly walking backwards (video), thinking that's the way out. He's constantly bumping up to things and generally seems to be in terrible state. But I guess that's normal when you just had surgery. It will wear off I'm sure. I feel pity for the animal. Having surgery can be quite distressful for a human, imagine how a cat feels having no idea what's happening to him.

The lump that was removed from his head will be researched in a lab some time soon. Apparently there's also a benign form of melanoma (the vet was pretty 99% sure it was not an infection) and they're going to determine what it was exactly. Let's hope it was benign and won't return...
Not sam
This is not Sam!

-- Foddex

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