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Scaring Little Girls Is Fun! :D

Originally posted at Mon 26-01-2009 19:40:53, in the personal category.
Since about two months ago I shave my head regularly. I used to have really long hair but I wanted to try something different. I like it, it's easy when you get out of bed in the morning, and I save a lot of money not having to buy hair products anymore ;-) However, I've noticed that my new look (together with my being almost 2 meters tall) seems to intimidate certain people, especially when it's dark outside. Quite frequently older people tend to cross the street when they see me coming, just so they don't have to pass me within a few meters. Little kids also seem to think that I'm quite scary these days. I often see them hide behind their parents when I walk by them in stores. And even a (roughly) 50 year old woman a few weeks back almost walked through a bunch of bushes so there would be a meter extra between us when I passed here on the sidewalk :D

What happened today though beats all of this. An hour ago I was walking to the grocery store to buy me some dinner for tonight. It was about 19:00, and it was dark as it's winter atm. I wasn't really paying attention to the things around me, as I was thinking hard on what I was going to buy. All of a sudden I noticed that in front of me, about 50 meters away, two girls no older than 12 years were walking in the same general direction. One of the girls suddenly noticed me and she seemed to become... nervous. While they were happily chatting, every two seconds she looked over her shoulder and seemed quite concerned with what I was doing. Since I'm tall, I walk fast, and within a short time I was about to pass by them. And at that moment the scared girl kinda freaked. She all of a sudden left the sidewalk and rushed to the middle of the street, pulling the other girl with her as if she was saving her from something that was about to run them over! :D I looked at them astonished, and the girl that wasn't scared of me said "Hello!". I greeted her and walked on...

Two seconds later I hear that same girl whisper to her friend: "You see? He ain't scary! He's not some kind of criminal or murderer just because he's bald!" I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud! :D She shouted: "Hey mister, are you a murderer?" I couldn't help answering "Not today!"... "Well you see my friend is scared of you!" :D ... I involuntarily had scared a 12 year old girl and I just couldn't stop laughing... I hope she learns not all people who look scary are actually scary! :D

Man, I really have got to stop shaving my head... ;)

-- Foddex

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On Tue 31-03-2009 09:44 Pradeeban wrote: Hi,
I came across this page, as I am going through the Abiword developers' resources.
You have a good creativity. And now I have become your fan.
Nice Experience. :)
On Wed 01-04-2009 21:21 Foddex wrote: Hi Pradeeban, glad you liked my site, and always nice to have fans ;-)

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