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Khaeon, The Hague, more...

Originally posted at Mon 30-05-2005 22:50:11, in the gaming industry category.
Exactly 21.782.664 seconds have passed since my last news item. A lot has happened since then. I'm having the greatest time of my life at Khaeon Games. Building lots of cool subsystem stuff for Spellborn - the game we're working on, see http://www.spellborn.com/ - ranging from database to content management, multi level universes to console, logging, and so much more. And most of it on Linux! I've made a trip to Epic Games in January, met Tim Sweeney (which was kind of surreal as I played so many of his games when I was a kid), my live is okay :-)

I've decided to stay in the house I'm currently renting in The Hague, and decided to fix it (partly ;-)). Laid a nice wooden floor in my living room, painted everything, my house is so much cooler now :) Posted a few photo's in the Photo's section.

-- Foddex

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