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Deployed my new site!

Originally posted at Sun 14-10-2007 03:02:00, in the fun category.
W00t! It took a while, but I finally finished my new website. As I love building everything myself (uwog :-P), I decided not to go for some fancy WordPress based site, but just do everything myself. I even got 2 different themes (see bottom of page) "OOOOOH!" :D

I guess it shows, but I'm proud to have developed yet another coder-art website! Using grey themes is so safe, can't do any fancy colors ;)

All the information from the old site is still here, but in a new style. New though is the Reviews section. To my surprise my good Italian buddy Burn was so kind to not only read my ramblings (even before I deployed the new site), but also supply some comments! Grazie, che regalo delizioso!

-- Foddex

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On Tue 04-12-2007 07:44 mrk wrote: burn´s not the only one ;)
On Wed 05-12-2007 10:34 Foddex wrote: Mark, is that you? You read it too? ;) Why no comment then aye! ;)
On Thu 06-12-2007 02:00 mrk wrote: it's me =)
On Tue 01-01-2008 23:50 Foddex wrote: Mark, plz contact me at my private email, I'm pretty sure you have it, otherwise contact Erik for it. Would love to have a chat with you again. There's been some developments that might shock you... ^_^

On Wed 20-02-2008 03:42 mrk wrote: you're preggers =) ?

Sadly I don't have yours, I will contact E. If I don't get back quickly enough you might want to try "lassche at gmail dot com"
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