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Still alive!

Originally posted at Tue 05-12-2006 15:28:01, in the personal category.
Apparently some worried people over in Enschede, The Netherlands thought I was no longer alive because I didn't update my news section anymore. Well, I still am. It's just that I found a more entertaining purpose in life than filling the static \$newsitems array in my PHP script (yes no 1337-DB-usage in here my friends!). After spending 26 years full of fruitless attempts I finally succeeded in catching an extremely beautiful specimen of that thing called 'girl'. Fun thing is how quickly they can rock your world and throw you off course. Well, maybe not off course, just a different course ;-)

To ganz, no worries dude, I'm still here ^_^

-- Foddex

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On Tue 05-12-2006 15:40 Ganz wrote: Yay! It felt so empty when I looked over here for the last few monts... It was like seeying tumbleweed flying around while the door of the empty saloon makes some serious noise when it catched a gasp of wind :-( I allready knew you had a girl, and while pressing F5 at the newssection I kept myself from crying with the idea that she was taking good care of you (dinner, ironing, doing the dishes... :-P).

Grtz Ganz
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