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Foddex.net new look! =D

Originally posted at Sat 20-05-2006 13:57:55, in the fun category.
Yay, it took some effort (I am still a coder, not a gfx artist ;)), but I finally got around to making a new look for foddex.net. The black/white settings was kinda getting boring. I also wanted to attempt a more difficult color setting this time. Please let me know what you think, be as emphatic as you want to be ;)

You gotta like CSS though. Only thing I changed was the style sheet, and I was done. Hmm maybe I should add the old style as a 'Page Style' (in at least the Firefox menu ;)) or something.

-- Foddex

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On Sun 21-05-2006 14:12 uwog wrote: OMGW0)0T! this is R0CKS00RR@!!!! <3 <3
On Thu 28-09-2006 15:43 Guido wrote: HEY!

Dude wat een frisse boel! Je bent echt een blije jongen geworden zo te zien! Weg met al dat zwart :D Goeie zaak!
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