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Bleh sick :|

Originally posted at Fri 09-12-2005 13:26:15, in the personal category.
For the first time in a long long time I'm sick at home. Sore throat, pain when swallowing, even a head ache. Especially the latter is so rare I was completely surprised this morning. Normally I don't care about such symptoms and just go to work, however today I felt really crappy and stayed home. Bleh... probably will be over after the weekend!

Most ironic thing though is that yesterday at Khaeon we happened to be talking about this very subject, and I very proudly stated that I'm never sick... :-D

[update, 12/12/2005 07:43:11]
Well, it's monday morning, I've slept more in these last three days than I did in the two weeks before them, so I'm really really fit and awake, however I'm still ill. My throat still hurts pretty much (although it IS less than saturday) and from the looks of it, I won't be working even tomorrow because speaking still hurts as well (and I sound like a zombie :-D). Bleh if I still don't feel any better tomorrow, I'll go to a doctor... (I hate going to doctors or taking medicin unless there's really no other choice).

-- Foddex

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On Fri 09-12-2005 14:14 uwog wrote: Did you forget to eat 2 pieces of fruit each day perhaps?
On Wed 14-12-2005 21:23 Rinse wrote: My mam always said....
On Wed 14-12-2005 22:50 foddex wrote: @uwog: yeah yeah, just like you ;-))

@rinse: whaha well you have a wife now to remind you about such stuff ;)
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