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Gaming industry workhours!

Originally posted at Wed 09-11-2005 21:38:07, in the gaming industry category.
Some people ask me whether or not I'm busy with my work, and if I answer \"Yeah kind of!\", some say \"Yeah me too\". Hmm, I wonder if they know what hours gaming developers sometimes need to work in order to meet deadlines, get production going, and to basically get the game done... Just for those people, I'm putting in the following table. Know that these are facts, no made up statistics. Also know that I get paid for 40 hours per week. Any overtime I do I am not getting paid for (not counting the free Grolsch I get to drink ofcourse ;-)).

    Date Time started work Time left work Total time worked
    Monday 31st 10:00 01:00 15 hours
    Tuesday 1st 10:00 00:00 14 hours
    Wednesday 2nd 10:00 00:00 14 hours
    Tuesday 3rd 10:00 -  
    Friday 4th - 21:00 35 hours
    Saturday 5th 16:00 01:00 9 hours
    Subtotal: 87 hours
    Monday 7th 07:30 03:30 20 hours
    Tuesday 8th 12:30 -  
    Today - 20:00 31.5 hours
    Subtotal: 51.5 hours
    Yes, you're reading it right. In one-and-a-half week, I worked 138.5 hours, while on a regular monday to friday 9-till-5 job I would have worked only 64 hours. But man do I love my job :) I get to work with cool people, work on a cool project and just do what I like doing most! I feel blessed :)

    Ofcourse, ofcourse, it's not always like this, normally I make +/- 50-60 hours each week. But as soon as deadlines get closer, these amounts rise quickly...

-- Foddex

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On Thu 24-11-2005 15:54 Burn wrote: You cannot consider yourself a full blown game developer untill you don't cross the limit of 90 hours per week! :D
On Fri 25-11-2005 00:18 Foddex wrote: @Burn: lol, well I didn't update the stats, but in the end I think I actually did make 90 hours a week :)
Blehh.. it was worth it, but I hope it doesn't happen again too soon.
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