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Dream Theater and more

Originally posted at Tue 11-10-2005 00:24:00, in the music category.
Wow. In one word, wow. Tonight I've seen Dream Theater live for the second time, and man are those guys good. Incredible. Really had a blast tonight, and I was lucky I was there in the first place! This weekend has been kinda weird (stuff happened in private life, see below, and worked for 33 hours straight thursday and friday), and I kinda totally had forgotten that I had tickets for tonight! So had Paul, the Khaeon colleague I had planned to visit the concert with, but luckily he all of a sudden remembered and said 'Err..aren't we like supposed to go to Dream Theater tonight?!' :D.

Luckily we made it in time, and watched and listened Dream Theater play for three hours straight, with only a 15 minute intermission in between. Oh. My. God. These guys are the best. One of things that makes them so bloody great is they are as good on stage as they are on CD. These guys are brilliant. They play their songs with tons of small subtle variations, don't finish one song -stop- and start a new one, but in stead connect them without you hardly noticing it. It's too hard to describe, it's just brilliant. They proved once again they are the best band God every put on this earth.

The songs they played were (in order, but not entirely complete):
  • Octavarium - The Root Of All Evil
  • Octavarium - Panic Attack
  • some song from the time they still named themselves Majesty
  • When Day And Dream Unite - Fortune In Lies
  • Images And Words - Under A Glass Moon
  • Awake - Can't remember what song, but it was from Awake for sure ;)
  • Falling Into Infinity - Peruvian Skies
  • Scenes From A Memory - Home
  • Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence - Glass Prison
  • Train Of Thoughts - Dying Soul
  • Octavarium - Never Enough
  • Octavarium - Sacrified Sons
  • Octavarium - Octavarium
  • Train Of Thoughts - As I Am
  • Images And Words - Pull Me Under
Only thing that kind of overshadowed this whole concert was the fact that my grandmother passed away last saturday. I couldn't help thinking every now and then that maybe I shouldn't have been there at the concert :( But then again maybe she would have wanted me to go.... I hope she'll forgive me. Love you gram.

-- Foddex

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