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I finally found my way into the Gaming Industry!!

Originally posted at Fri 03-09-2004 13:36:48, in the gaming industry category.
If all goes well, I'll be working for Khaeon in The Hague (http://www.khaeon.nl)! I've had a lot of talks with the nice folk over there and will be signing the contract next week. I'll be working as a network-developer on a new exciting game, about which I'm unfortunately not allowed to talk at all (signed a NDA :-)).

I'm so excited about this! I've been searching for a job in the gaming industry for over a year now and now finally things are going my way! I'm ofcourse also moving to The Hague, which is not my favorite part, since I have to leave all my friends and family behind :) But hey, it's only 150 km from where I live now (which is still alot for The Netherlands ;-)) and I have a very fast motorcycle ;)

-- Foddex

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