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libjson-c++ is a C++ library I wrote able to parse JSON data type safely. That is, since C++ doesn't support run-time generatable types, you can define a complex class/struct type at compile time, and use the libjson-c++ library to parse data into such structures. Any errors in the data, be it missing data or invalid types, are automatically handled through exceptions. When a parse call returns, you're certain that all data was parsed properly.

The library comes in source format, and can be used in Windows, not Linux. A Visual Studio solution and project file are NOTsupplied since this is a header-only library. No DLLs are used.

The library is currently released under the BSD license, meaning you can do whatever you want with my source. I WOULD appreciate it if you mention my name somewhere if you decide to use it, but there's no legal reason to do so.

Download version 0.1.0

libjson-c++ is (c) Copyright Marc "Foddex" Oude Kotte.