A coder's home for Marc "Foddex" Oude Kotte, who used to be located in Enschede, The Netherlands, but now in Stockholm, Sweden!


libfil is short for the Foddex Image Library, a C++ library I wrote able to load most basic image formats in use in the gaming industry. The library is currently able to load JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP files, including alpha-channels where applicable. The library can be used in two different ways. Either you load the image files directly into OpenGL textures (just one call and you get a GLuint value!), or you can receive the raw RGB(A) data, and process that into a texture yourself (e.g. for use with DirectX.)

The library comes in source format, and can be used in Windows and Linux. A Visual Studio solution and project file are supplied with the source (see dist/win32/ in the release.)

The library is currently released under the LGPL license, meaning you always have to use Dynamic versions (e.g. DLLs) and include a copyright notice that states my name (short version of the LGPL license, google for it if you want to whole thing.)

The interface is pretty self-explanatory. For use with OpenGL, include fil.h and then fil-opengl.h, for use in every other case, just include fil.h.

Download version 0.2.0

libfil is (c) Copyright Marc "Foddex" Oude Kotte.